Client Services Agreement


By submitting an Initial Consultation application, and/or by requesting services from Substantia Law Group, you agree to be bound by the following Client Services Agreement.


You are making this agreement with Suzette S. Lin, an attorney at law admitted in the States of California and Massachusetts, doing business as Substantia Law Group, P.C. (Substantia Law Group).

Scope of Services

The scope of services that Substantia Law Group is agreeing to provide you is limited to that which is specified in writing in the Legal Services Agreement that you will, or have been, provided.  Any services, representation or advice beyond that specified scope is not being offered to you despite what you may believe, by way of verbal discussion or otherwise.  Among other things, this means that if you have legal matters pending, or legal interests that need to be addressed, (collectively “Other Legal Interests”) and they are outside of the written scope of services, then you should not rely on Substantia Law Group to protect these Other Legal Interests.  In order to protect your Other Legal Interests, you should either seek to amend the scope of services or retain the services of another attorney for these Other Legal Interests.  Substantia Law Group generally does NOT advise clients on, or otherwise become involved in business disputes, including arbitrations or litigation so if your other Legal Interests pertain to such a business dispute, then you must retain the services of another attorney to protect them.  Exceptions can be made for existing clients and for matters for which Substantia Law Group has provided advice.


The fee for the service is as quoted in the Legal Services Agreement to provide legal services that you will, or have been, provided.  Substantia Law Group’s practice is to require advance payment of 50% of the total fee before services will begin. Thereafter, upon satisfactory completion of the agreed upon services, the remainder of the fees will be due. All fees, including fees paid in advance, may be paid by check, credit card via the secure payment gateway you can access through your client account on Substantia Law Group’s MyCase portal, or via credit card in person using  LawPay’s secure online payment solutions.  If you decide to terminate services before they are complete, you may or may not be entitled to a whole or partial refund of fees paid in advance, depending on how much work has been done.

Electronic Data Storage and Management

Substantia Law Group utilizes a number of technological tools to minimize its overhead costs, enhance its ability to communicate securely with clients, secure client information and files, and maximize client convenience.  In the process of doing so, client data may be stored in the following places: a) MyCaseInc.com – Substantia Law Group’s virtual practice management application; and b) Crashplan – Substantia Law Group’s file portability and backup solution.   You can find out more about MyCaseInc.com’s security practices on their product information page.  More information about Crashplan’s security practices can be found on their page.  Substantia Law Group takes data security very seriously.  You can learn more about our data security practices on our data security practices page.  By accepting this Agreement, you are consenting to Substantia Law Group’s Electronic Data Storage and Management practices.

Disputes and Mediation

Please contact us immediately if you are ever dissatisfied with the level or quality of services you have received or are receiving.  Your concern will be addressed, and every effort will be made to resolve it.  If, however, we are unable to resolve your concern, you agree that, prior to taking any other action, you will further attempt to resolve your concern or issue with the assistance of a mutually acceptable mediator.  Substantia Law Group will fully cooperate with any mediation in this regard.  The cost of mediation will be split evenly you and Substantia Law Group regardless of the ultimate outcome of the mediation or any additional action.


You agree that if there are any disputes pertaining to the services you have received from Substantia Law Group, and they cannot be resolved through mediation, then venue for any legal action initiated will be proper only in the courts of competent jurisdiction in San Mateo County, California.

Conclusion of Services

Once the agreed upon services are concluded, you will receive a notice from Substantia Law Group stating so, and will also receive the closing bill shortly thereafter.  Once a given matter has been terminated, unless otherwise agreed upon, your attorney-client relationship with Substantia Law Group ends.  This means, among other things, that you should not rely on Substantia Law Group for on-going legal advice absent an agreement to further provide legal advice, and also that, for purposes of attorney ethical rules regarding conflicts of interest, you are considered, from that point on, to be a “former client.”

Termination of Services by Client

If, at any time, you decide that you no longer desire the services of Substantia Law Group, you may terminate the services, as well as this Agreement, by providing written notice to terminate. Substantia Law Group reserves the right to verify your intent to terminate via voice and/or email communication, in order to protect your legal interests from unauthorized users or communications on your behalf. Once you successfully terminate this Agreement, you may or may not be entitled to a pro-rata refund of fees paid in advance, depending on the amount of work already completed.

Termination of Services by Substantia Law Group

Substantia Law Group reserves the right to terminate services and end this Agreement if: 1) you fail to make payment of fees as required and agreed; 2) you fail to cooperate with Substantia Law Group in such a way that it is impractical or impossible for the agreed upon services to be completed for you; 3) circumstances are such that continued representation or providing of services would cause Substantia Law Group to violate any Rules of Professional Conduct as are applicable to attorneys admitted in either Washington or Oregon.  Substantia Law Group will never terminate services if doing so contravenes its obligations under the Rules of Professional Conduct including if doing so will cause substantial, irreparable and imminent harm to your legal interests.  Termination of services and this Agreement by Substantia Law Group will be accomplished by delivery of notice via first class mail to your last known address as well as via email.  Upon termination, you may or may not be entitled to a pro-rata refund of fees paid in advance, depending on the amount of work already completed.